LXC(Linux Container) v/s VM

Linux Containers gives each running application a dedicated isolated container,Containers helps in running lot of application on a single server thus resulting in more computing power workloads.
These containers are different from Virtual Machines in a sense that these containers don’t have an OS as they share kernel/OS of the host machine since they don’t have any OS we can have the containers Working/Launched in split of seconds as compared to VM’s

Containers are light weight ,requires less memory and can be launched very quickly while with a VM we get a dedicated crystal clear boundary OS with a much higher security as compared to that of Container.

In case of a VM hypervisor talks to underlying H/W as if the VM and the application constituted a different physical machine altogether giving us flexibility to run any gust OS in host OS

Portability of Vm is decide based on hypervisor used while a container is bind to a particular version of a OS