Boot Says Hello To Azure

Microsoft Azure is the new and big kid in Cloud Computing. I thought to get hands-on in deploying spring boot web service to Microsoft Azure. This blog post is not aimed to brief about how to develop a spring boot app/service rather focusĀ is on knowing how to deploy a spring boot app on Azure.

We need to create an Web-App once we have our account created on Azure. Follow below snapshot for creating same on Azure


Once created we have to configure our Web-App environment according to our App need, like selecting the Java version, server.
Azure provides many different ways to deploy the App. We can do it from Azure Plugin for Eclipse / Intellij or directly from GitHub but for this exercise let’s stick to the most basic of all, uploading our spring boot app jarĀ using FTP.

To load the jar via FTP we need to configure FTP user, this can be done easily by going in deployment credentials in deployed Web-App Service.

As Spring boot uses embedded Tomcat sever, we have to tell Azure Web App Service about this, to do this an extra file (web.config) is required that details the jar location and port to be selected at random.The web.config file goes into the wwwroot folder.web.config

Once you are connected to remote FTP server you will see wwwroot folder as in below image


In our case we have uploaded the Jar and Web.Config in same wwwroot folder. Once done we are good to go and access our Spring Boot saying “Hello” to Azure.

1 thought on “Boot Says Hello To Azure

  1. Michael Sundgaard

    I have uploaded Java web sites to Azure running on Jetty and Tomcat, but when I upload my spring boot application as you explain above, it does not work. The page simply times out when I try to access it, though no logs are written. I have changed the jar name in the web.config accordingly and I have tried to generate both a jar with all artifacts in it, and a runnable version also.

    Help is appreciated.

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